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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review of Monsters U

Saw Monsters U with the wife and kids.

Curiously, I can actually copy and paste everything I wrote about Despicable Me 2, a few days ago.  That is:

It was fine:  enjoyable; laughed in a few places.

But, no memorable scenes; would never bother purchasing the DVD; my life is not richer for having seen it.

Rent it if you can't think of anything else to rent.

Summary:  Fine -- but not as good as the original.

(Addendum:  6/30)  Actually, there was more to it than that.  First, I thought the outcomes to their actions near the end of the movie was very realistic -- at least, as realistic as a movie about monsters could be.  Spoiler:  stop reading now.  Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler.  They cheated in a contest, they blew up a lab, and so they got kicked out of school.  Yep, that's a plausible real-world outcome.

And second, (spoiler again -- spoiler spoiler spoiler) the lesson provided was that a lot of people have to adjust the life goals they set as teenagers:  most people that aspire to be a rock star end up as the guitar tech (or even the local guitar teacher); you wanted to be a famous painter, but you're the layout person at a woodworking magazine; wanted to be a famous novelist and end up as editor at the publications department of some government agency; not an Olympic athlete, but a coach to athletes.  Yep, that stuff happens:  sometimes you don't have what it takes.  So the movie rung true to my middle-aged self.  ;)


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