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Friday, August 17, 2012

One regret

A pondering from riding the bus today:

I have very few regrets.  But one of them was not -- somehow -- acquiring a wood- turning lathe while living in Seattle.  Especially at our Greenwood apartment, which had a nice little deck.  I could've picked up what is often referred to as a midi-sized lathe -- like in the photo at left.

I'd like to buy a lathe in the next half year or so:  I've wanted one for the last ten years, but just haven't had a good place to put it.  Actually, I still don't -- but with some re-arranging of the shed, I would.

My (late) paternal grandfather did a lot of lathe work.  It would be good to have him around as a resource to ask questions about lathe work.  I did some simple pieces on his lathe, on two or three different occasions, so I know I have the general capacity.  But I'm sure once I get in to it I'll have additional questions.

So, opportunity lost.


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