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Monday, August 06, 2012

No speed square

Well, **somewhere** I have a yellow Stanley ''Speed Square'' (I think that's the name).  It's a 45-degree triangle with a fence on one of the legs, so that you can mark out 90 degree and 45 degree lines on lumber.  I use it a lot in my carpentry projects.  Dang it.

So on Friday, on my lunch break, I stopped by the hardware store downtown.  I was thinking, Hey, it's a piece of heavy plastic with a lip -- five bucks?  ten bucks?

Turned out to be fifteen bucks.  Sorry, that's past my pricepoint for a piece of plastic.  Especially since I know I already have one.  Somewhere.


Addendum:  In all fairness, it turns out that mine was the Stanley ''Quick Square'' -- which may be the less-fancy version of what was offered at the hardware store.  But fifteen bucks is still too expensive (for me) for (1) a piece of plastic that (2) is a duplicate of what I already have.

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