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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New desk

Well, this is our second day in the new location.  My desk is pretty much set up.

Due to downsizing, and the resulting consolidation (i.e. other teams moving, as well), our old floor had been half-empty for the last few weeks.  So, a few days before our move I ''harvested'' things from abandoned pods.

One ''find'' was an abandoned plant.  I kept an eye on it for a week, but I figured that it was well and truly abandoned:  it only had an inch of water in the pot when I found it -- but the root growth indicated that it usually had water nearly all the way to the top.  So it had been forgotten long enough for about five inches of water to evaporate.  Fair game.

I also picked up several stacking trays:  five, to be precise.  I've discovered that I prefer having little cubbies for different piles of paper.  Although one of the stacking trays is stepped -- the levels have different lengths -- so I'm using it as display shelves for my family photos.

And, here's a shot of my top drawer. I'm still trying to figure out how to store my food stash.  At the moment, as you can see, my root beer and Dr Pepper (both rarities around here!) are sharing the drawer with my stationery supplies.

Bottom drawer (not shown) holds more food, plus a whole lotta CDs.




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