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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good day in the new building

To recap, after my original work unit was dissolved by the new government, the twelve of us were scattered to the winds.  Most of them were re-assigned to another government building -- although in different departments and on different floors.  But one co-worker (DP) and myself were assigned to a different building.  And another co-worker (LK) was sent to yet another building, several blocks away.

Our re-location now means that we are in the same building as most of our former colleagues.  And DP and LK are together in the same suite of pods.

Our proximity to our old co-workers was driven home today when I randomly crossed paths with VJ, JdS, and NS today.  So, including DP and LK (mentioned above), I saw half of our old group today.  Pretty neat-o!   :)


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