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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bathroom door cleat

Ever since I started my new job, I noticed that one of the toilet stalls in the mens room was missing the cleat:  there was no ''stop'' to keep the door from swinging too far when you shut it; and you had to hold the door in position to throw the latch.

Yesterday (Friday), I noticed that someone has installed a wooden cleat.  So, now the door swings to the required position, and then stops.  Yay!!!

It's an interesting shape.  Whoever installed it made sure to remove any sharp corners, and also rounded the leading end so that it wouldn't catch on sleeves or pants pockets.  Good design.

However, it's slightly asymmetrical.  I infer from this that the creator was relatively new to woodworking, in a hurry, or both.

Judging by the scribed alignment marks (e.g. between the square nuts), it appears to be handmade, rather than machined.

If you look at the exterior of the door (see left), the person had enough attention to detail to ''clock'' the screw heads -- that is, line up the slots.

All in all, an interesting little piece.  Very non ''corporate'', at least.  Certainly more personality than some metal or plastic rectangle that someone would buy at a hardware store.

A shame that this appeared on my last day in this building.  We've been re-located to a different building:  our first day in the new building is Monday.


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