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Thursday, July 19, 2012

HH of disease

So, here's three remedial tips:

1) When you're doing a series of vomiting, have the ''ring'' toilet seat down:  it's more comfortable than the porcelain toilet rim for supporting your forehead or cheek as you rest between rounds.

2) When you're lying on the tiled floor of the bathroom in the middle of the night, or the wee hours of the morning, use bath towels -- not blankets -- to keep yourself warm (and to provide insulation and padding relative to the floor).  Bath towels are more modular than blankets:  if you get vomit on them, you only have to wash the specific towel, not the whole blanket.

3) Medium-sized metal pots with long handles make great barf-bowls:  the long handle lets you keep it a slight distance away, yet bring it close quickly.

As you can probably infer from the above, we've had a cycle of disease in our household.  Mid-week it was blondie boy, in the wee hours of the morning:  several rounds of it.  I got to camp out with him.  A few days later, it was B2.  Then about 1am or 2am Saturday morning (the 14th), I was ill.  About every 30-45 minutes.  Well into the morning.

Monday, I was still very weak, and really not eating.  Blondie boy had a barking cough and a sore throat.  For both those reasons, I stayed home from work.

Tuesday, in the wee hours it was The Girl's turn.  Curiously, even though she's three years older than the boys, she was far worse at sensing when her vomits would come -- and thus, much more clean-up was involved.  Poor thing.

Gotta say -- all of the kids -- and myself, actually -- were pretty stoic about the whole thing.  Nasty business, though.

So, I was home Tuesday, to watch over The Girl -- and I was still not fully recovered -- and I'd been up much of the night.

It's Thursday now (July 19th), and I finally made it to work.  Still only at about 80% capacity -- fairly weak.  I was marvelling at how long it's taking me to recover -- and then I realized that just because I've stopped throwing up -- it's been five days -- doesn't mean that I'm **well**.  Duh.

Still:  better than I was.


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