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Thursday, June 28, 2012

They gave him his orders in Monroe Virginia

I just now Googled the lyrics to ''The Wreck of the Old 97'', and discovered that I've mis-heard the lyrics all these years:  I thought it was ''Montville, Virginia!''.


One of the things we did on our holiday is visit the little town of Montville, which The Lady hasn't visited in many years.

Of course, as with the rest of our vacation, it rained.  That took the shine off of wandering down the street, looking in to various shops.  And the kids were all whiny.  I ended up taking the kids to the car and sitting with them while The Lady looked into one last shop.

We also took the long way back to our rental place. You wouldn't know this unless you were from Western Washington (state) -- esp. north of Everett -- but the weather **and** the terrain really reminded me of back home.

It's up in the hills a ways, so year round it's cooler than the lower-lying areas (like where we live) -- which would suit The Lady just fine.  She said she sometimes wishes she could live somewhere up there, on a bit of acreage.  Not too many universities or govt. departments to work at, though.  Maybe after we retire...


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