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Friday, June 22, 2012

Maybe live in Norway

On Tuesday of this week I was abruptly struck with the notion of living in Norway for a year.  Not forever:  just a year; long enough to get a sense of the culture.

I wouldn't travel around.  No, I'd just live in a village or small town, rent a house, and experience day-to-day life.  And, during the winter, freeze my butt off.

Partly this was caused by my being part Norwegian, and hearing from various sources that Norwegians, in general, are very nice people.

Of course, part of this daydream is not having to work for a living -- because that burns up a lot of time.  Instead, I'd just hang around the house doing woodworking and recording songs.  Maybe take weekly classes in some Norwegian martial art (Norse Fu?  Norse-jitsu?).

So:  win the lottery; move to Norway (with my wife and kids, of course!); hang about for a year; move back to Australia.

Of course, once I won the lottery, I could do all of that -- woodworking,  recording music, taking martial arts -- while staying here in Brisbane.  So maybe it's not the ''Norway'' part at all...


UPDATE:  And, two nights later, I stayed up past my bedtime Googling and Wikipedia-ing large villages and small towns in Norway -- including Google Earth-ing them to get an ariel view. Nuts, I know...

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