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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hope it does not pop

We're about halfway though our first ''family trip'' **ever** -- if you don't count flying back to Seattle to visit my parents and siblings.  We're up at the Alexandra Headlands, near Maroochydore, staying at a rental place that's just a block or two from the beach.

It's been drizzling fairly constantly since we got here -- which is unfortunate, since the month prior to this has been reasonably clear.  Ah well.

Took a day trip to the Bundaberg ginger factory.  Took the tour, rode on the train, and etc.

As we walked past the parked train, something caught my attention.  Notice the red lines I've added to the photo, which emphasize the direction of the brackets that hold the ''door'' closed on the front of the steam train.  Three of the four seem fine -- but that lower-left one seems a little dodgy...

As it turns out, it's not **really** a steam train:  it has a gasoline-powered engine.  But still:  take pride in your work, people!!!

I wonder how many tourists notice that mis-aligned bracket?


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