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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chix rest

And, here's the chicken roost that I made.  It's intentionally ''rustic''-looking:  it would've been easier to just build something out of broom handles and two-by-fours.

I made the roost out of branches from a wattle tree that had been in our back yard.  It spontaneously started growing in our back yard (from seeds in bird poop?), about the time we moved in.  It grew for about three years, then died off when the outflow from our waste treatment system kept flooding that area of the back yard.  (Note:  It wasn't yechy water.  It was tertiary-treated, so technically (supposedly!) you could drink it.)

I figured it would be neat to use part of that tree in a project.  So, I did.

You don't get a sense of scale from the photo, but the top bar is about as thick as the handle of a baseball bat.  The front ''feet'' are as thick as the end of a wooden baseball bat. 

This was just about the last thing to be done for building the chicken coop.  Still gotta post a photo of the whole thing...


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