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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Strange times

Saturday, late morning, while I was still somewhat ill, my Director (my boss' boss) phoned me at home to see how I was coping, and to reassure me that we'd all be placed in new jobs.

''Whaaa...?'' I replied, in my illness.  ''I guess this means that we've been dissolved?''

We'd had an inkling that with a new political party in charge of the state government that we might be on the chopping block.  Looks like we were right.

Apparently, on Friday (the day that I was out, sick), two reps from HR had called everyone into the meeting room and announced that our business unit had been dissolved.  We had two and a half days to archive all of our documents and clean out our desks:  we'd report to our new jobs Wednesday morning.

A shame, as we were doing good (and interesting!) work.  If we'd had a month's notice, we could've finished up some of our projects which were **very** close to completion.  As it is, I doubt that they'll see the light of day.

Ah well.  At least we all still have jobs.

So:  these last two days back at work have been disorienting.  Basically being away for two weeks -- then returning to everyone wearing jeans and packing up the office.  Tomorrow I report to my new position.




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