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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Movie called ONCE

Rented this without knowing much about it -- but the description on the back looked good (love story!  busking musician!  songs!), and the sales clerk had said he'd watched it and liked it.  Watched it last night.

The movie is called ''Once''.  It's about a street corner guitarist (in Ireland?), who meets a woman (Polish immigrant?) who plays the piano.  He writes good songs, and she provides harmony vocals and piano accompaniment.  There's also some scenes in a recording studio (yay!).

Some cussing, and I had to put the subtitles on because they had Irish accents.

A fairly gentle movie (no anger or violence; paced mellow), and enjoyable.  Good songs.

Liked it enough that I'm glad I saw it.  But not so much that I'll rush out to buy the DVD.


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