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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Big toolbox

My shed is basically a big toolbox.

(Cultural note:  What Americans would call a ''(detached) garage'', Australians call a shed.  Also smaller, garden sheds, woodsheds, workshops, etc.)

During this remarkably drawn-out chicken coop project, I stage all the tools that I'm actively using in the doorway of the shed.

Big jug o' juice (to keep hydrated:  I drink one of these a day.  It's actually diluted to about 1/4 strength).  Extension cord.  Various clamps.  Jar of paint.  And etcetera.

Then, as I use them, I bring them out to my work area, next to the chicken coop.  I either place them on the ''raised garden bed kit'' (the pile of lumber) that The Lady purchased about two weeks ago (which I have not yet assembled -- because I'm still building a chicken coop!), or else on my sawbench.

And then, slightly after dark, I gather everything up and put it back in the entrance to the shed.

The chicken coop project is interesting enough.  But I'm looking forward to completing it, and moving on to other tasks.


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