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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Parallel life

When I travel on my own, I often get day-dreamy and philosophical.

These photos are snapshots of the hotel room I hung around in from about 6pm one evening until noon the next day.

It's not a whole lot: a bed; a lamp and a reading chair; a desk and desk chair; a t.v.; a microwave and mini-fridge; a dresser, a closet; and a sink and (not pictured) a bathroom.

18 ft x 12 ft (yeah, I measured).

It was large enough that I didn't feel claustrophobic at all. And my mind wandered to the notion that, if I was a single dude, I could live a pretty comfortable life life right there. I'd come home from work, microwave some food, sit in the chair and read. Have a desktop or laptop computer at the desk: check e-mail, surf the net a bit.

Most of my hobbies would be severely curtailed: I'd have a hard time doing woodworking (although! If I shoved the bed into one corner, I could probably fit a small workbench in there...). And my audio recording would be limited to things I could jack directly into the computer: no acoustic drums! Either an e-drum kit, or just program the beats directly.

**Very** hard to find a place for a multi-gym. I'd have to get a gym membership.

And I'd have a lot more un-occupied time in the evening: sign up for martial arts classes again.

Oh -- and I'd have room for **far** fewer "things". I'd have to be **much** choosier about which books I kept, how many tools to keep, and far less keeping things "just in case".

And I'd probably be a bit lonely, now and again (but I highly doubt I'd get a pet). So I'd probably socialize more with co-workers, to compensate.

Yep -- a **very** different life from my current one. Not a horrible life -- just more peaceful than the one I have. And lots of people live ones very similar to that.

BUT -- my regular life is **very** good, as well. And I'm not interested in trading it.

Just the mind-wanderings I get when I travel alone.


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