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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Guitar Cousin

Had an excellent time with Guitar Cousin.

Spent three evenings blasting through the entire Firefly series on DVD: had heard of Firefly for years, esp. thru the online comic strip XKCD; my brother showed me the pilot double-episode the week before; and Guitar Cousin showed me the rest. OK -- I'm sold! :)

Guitar Cousin dug out his electronic drums, and we jammed one evening -- him on guitar and me on drums, and then we swapped. Good stuff: pretty sure I hadn't played music with anyone since 2003.

Although I don't practice the drums as often as I'd like, I was pleased that I'm hovering around the lower reaches of ''adequate''. Certainly, far above the realm of ''suckage''.

Also, one of my ''upgrades to do'', once I'd saved up the money, was to upgrade my recording capabilities from two channels at once to four or six channels: at the moment I can do stereo micing, or a near-mic and a distant-mic (to enhance the fullness of the sound) -- but I'd have a hard time recording a band all at once, or recording myself playing the drums.

But, Guitar Cousin sold me one of his ''old technology'' six-input computer interfaces for fifty bucks. Beneficial to both of us: I upgraded for much less than a comparable unit would cost ''new'', and he got fifty bucks for something that was just sitting in his closet (although, he could've just eBayed it if he wanted).

And, while I was there, it snowed.

Worried me a little, as I have to be at the airport in a week, and it would stink to be snowed in. But it was still a novelty for me -- being from the sub-tropical portion of Australia.

Good stuff. :)


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