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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Through Korea

On the road, visiting friends and family in the U.S. (At least, the ones in the Seattle area.) Haven't been back since three Christmasses ago -- when snow messed up our travel plans and prevented us from visiting a few people on our list.

This time I'm traveling solo (wife and kids are still in Brisbane), which means I can visit more people without boring the kids to pieces.

Sadly, I only have a limited time in the U.S. -- so I won't be able to see everyone that I'd like to.

The shorted flight was from Brisbane to Seoul (Korea) to Seattle (thx to Mom and Dad for paying for the ticket!). Had a 12 hour layover, so the airline was kind enough to give me a voucher for a free hotel room. I had planned to be ambitious and spend the time learning how to use looping software (freeware) that I had installed on my laptop but not yet had a chance to use.

Had the (free!) breakfast, first, while reading. Then went up to my room. Sat down in the comfy chair, just to try it out -- and woke up a few hours later. Decided that I must be tired, shrugged, and climbed in to the bed. So, no looping software.

Above is the Christmas tree they had in the hotel lobby. Note the scale of it, as indicated by the fella in the lower right of the photo.


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