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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Language development

Both of my young sons (less than 4 y.o.) have been saying things of late that show a remarkable command of language. The sentences aren't complicated, but they provide some fine distinctions.

For example: This morning, The Lady and The Girl were heading off to do the usual Saturday errands. Sometimes the boys and I go with; other times we stay home.

B1 expressed interest in going with them. He said, "I want to look at hammers."

I told him, "I just **bought** you and B2 a hammer last week." (An inexpensive -- five bucks -- but solid hammer at the new big-box hardware store. Their first hammers!)

B1 replied, "No, I want to LOOK at hammers. I don't want to BUY a hammer."

Good nuance. :)


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