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Friday, December 30, 2011

Congrats on Guitar Cousin's album

Guitar Cousin has released an album! He wrote and arranged the songs, did all the instrumentation and vocals, laid down the tracks and mixed it, and did all the graphics and layout. I think the only thing that he outsourced is the "mastering" process (and, the actual physical printing of the CD sleeve and the CD).

This is actually a belated announcement, as he released it around November 17th, 2011.

I appreciate that he included the lyrics in the CD sleeve: not everyone does that.

It's a long slog to create a CD. Particularly in the "recorded" arts (audio recording, film making -- and **especially** animation) -- the ratio between time invested and a final product is just wretched. For me, it takes about 8 hrs. for a three minute rock song -- so about a 160-to-1 ratio. Urgh.

Anyhow: tastes vary, but I think it's a good album. Depending on the song, it reminds me of bits of Rush, Evanescence, goth music. Also Metallica and Maiden influneces (not surprising, given his musical background).

So: band name is NilSonance, and it's available at his website -- -- as well as Amazon and iTunes and CD Baby.


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