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Friday, December 16, 2011

Bad day into good day

Yesterday started with me thinking it was going to be a not-good day. Had a bunch of things I needed to get done -- but instead, the day started with a 45 minute project meeting. Necessary for the project that's due at the end of next week -- but not directly productive relative to my tasks. Had some graphs and re-analyses that I needed to get done by 2pm.

Then, spent the next hour and a half doing some diagnostic things. Discovered that I had even **more** graphs to re-do. Thought I might have to (literally) stay until 10pm to get everything done in time for tomorrow --maybe just sleep over at the office.

Trying not to freak out, I discussed things with the project supervisor. She decided that given the deadline, we could eliminate a bunch of the graphs. For another series of graphs, rather than continuing re-doing them, I could just roll back to an earlier version (which meant that part of yesterday had been a waste of time -- but it still gave me a net savings).

So! Rather than having to work waaaaay late, I finished my "due around 2pm" task at 2:09pm. Close enough.

Did some other things towards the project, and managed to skip out fifteen minutes earlier than usual (i.e. leaving "on time" rather than staying late by a half hour). So, a good day. :)




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