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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A good weekend

A good weekend. Pulled nails out of wood, nailed pieces of wood together, and mowed about a quarter of the yard.

Specifically, I made subtantial progress on the luggage shelves for the shed (in the U.S. you'd call it "the garage" -- except that it'll never house a car), to get the piles of boxes up off the floor and stored vertically, instead. I'm about 1/4 of the way through the upper shelf. The project is taking a fair while, partly because there's a surprising amount of "handling costs" (drilling pilot holes, cutting the slats to length, scrounging up additional slats). It's also not often that I can shut myself away in the shed to work on it, as it's a task that's incompatible with supervising the kids.

"Pulling nails out of wood" refers to my disassembling a pallet, so that I can use the slats for the luggage shelves. I've also salvaged three decent-length 4" x 4" beams from the pallet: they'll probably become workbench legs for some future workbench (probably for the kids).

Because it's summer, the grass is growing pretty quickly. I didn't have time to mow the whole yard, so I just blazed some trails. I also mowed the "soccer field" -- the name we use for the drainfield from our water treatment system.

Plus the usual errands, family time, and such.

So: a good weekend. :)


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