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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Witch broom

The Girl got this idea that for her Halloween witch's costume, she wanted an authentic-looking broom. Not surprisingly, within about ten minutes she lost interest, and it somehow became **my** project.

We cut a length of bamboo to be the broom handle, and we (or "I") cut a bunch of sticks to be the bristles.

Then I set up a workstation by the back porch, with a bag of sand to weight down the end of the broom handle, but allow me to turn it. (Oh -- after I drilled two holes in the bristle end.) Some string, and scissors.

Here's the broom-making in progress. I made a pair of "needles" out of a straightened paper clip, folded in half, which I used to thread the doubled-over string through the branches.

And, here's the finished project. Turned out pretty well.

She'll probably use it for five minutes at the costume party, then abandon it. But, that's o.k.


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