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Monday, September 05, 2011

Home handyguy

Well, I completed what is probably my first substantial "homeowner guy" task.

One of the requirements for getting the shed/garage/carport certified by the city council was jacking the rainwater from the downspouts into the stormwater drains. Finished doing this yesterday (Sunday).

So, I spent several weekends (a few hours per day -- not **all** day) digging a trench. Then I cut pipes and hoses to length; glued them (using special PVC glue) to connectors; laid 'em out; and (mostly) filled the trench back in.

Finished the bulk of the pipe-gluing and pipe-laying on Sunday. Which was Father's Day, here in Australia. Not quite what I'd wanted to be doing on Father's Day -- but, eh.

Surprisingly, the whole project went smoothly. I'm pleased to say that I didn't screw it up -- as near as I can tell.

What's more, with some **super** minor exceptions, I don't see any "Gah! Wish I'd done it differently" spots.

That's a real confidence-builder. Good stuff.

Oh! And I used the pickaxe that I inherited from my paternal grandfather. Used it a **lot**, actually: partway down I hit a fairly rocky layer that the spade just didn't want to go through -- so I had to break it up with the pickaxe before I could spade it out.

The trench ended up being "bottom of my kneecap" deep. That's reasonably substantial.

Gotta get prints of these photos that I've posted here, for the inspection guy's records.


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At September 19, 2011 7:48 AM, Anonymous oldmanneill said...

Exterior work frightens me. One day I will venture out and fix/build something outside the house. :)


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