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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Need a puppet

Like many things, this one follows a circuitous path.

A few weeks ago I'd rented I Love You, Man. Sunday I got around to Wikipedia-ing who the guy's fiance was (ah! the same actress who was the love interest in The Office; **knew** I recognized her!!!). Which made me YouTube Jason Segel's "Dracula's Lament".

(No, you don't have to watch the whole thing.)

And somehow that lodged in my subconscious -- such that Monday I realized, "Hey -- I need to make a puppet."

I'm thinking something with "Bert" arms: hollow tube of cloth, with a seam at the elbow, filled with lengths of foam pipe insulation. And with lengths of dowel, attached at the puppet's wrists, to guide the arms.

Not sure what to do about the head. Today (Tuesday) I've been pondering it. Briefly thought about making it some sort of animal -- but I think I'll make it vaguely person-like.

On the way home, on the bus, I decided to name him "Small Guy" -- as a counterpoint to "Tall Guy" (whom we haven't seen much of as late -- have we?).

It'll be a week or two before this happens, though.

However -- as a "proof of concept", I dug out my old sock puppet that I made in high school (or early college?). I was pleased that I found it so quickly: it was in my "Weird Stuff" box, in amongst the Groucho Marx glasses, whoopee cushion, and the like. (What -- you don't have a "Weird Stuff" box...?)

Here it is:

(Did this in the bathroom -- hence, the echoes. I needed the bright lights, to capture a decent image.)

The sock puppet never had a name -- but when I was having him talk to the kids, he said his name was "Olson". So, I guess he's Olson.


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