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Monday, August 29, 2011

My tastes

Because I dislike having to wait around without anything to read (if I have something decent to read, I don't mind waiting), I keep a few half-read magazines in the map pocket of the car.

Over the last week, I've noticed that none of the woodworking magazine ads make me go "Oooh..." Example:

This is probably because I've reached a stage where I've amassed enough (used) woodworking hand tools to do what I need to do. (Still need a lathe and a bandsaw, though.) Now I need to clean them up and start **using** them, and developing my skills. I don't need to buy any more of 'em.

Some of the guitar magazine ads (guitars; guitar amps; effects pedals) make me go "Oooh..." Example:

I can always use another effects pedal. ;) And one of these days it'd be nice to have a tube amp...

But, the recording magazines. Yowza!!! I mean, check **this** out:Or this:


Sadly, these things ain't cheap -- so I'll probably never bring myself to actually get one of these. But if someone gave me a choice between some $3,000 flat-screen t.v., and one o' those blue things (above), I know which one **I'd** choose.

Partly 'cause it's a **tool**: you can do useful things with it. And partly -- dunno. Aesthetics, I guess. And it has lots of knobs and switches.

Different tastes. Whenever I show my wife ads for effects pedals or recording gear, she just shrugs. ;)


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