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Saturday, August 27, 2011

More on puppets

When I'd showed my kids my sock puppet from high school (as mentioned a few blog entries ago), they'd all wanted to take turns with it. So last night I dug thru the rag bag for mis-matched and/or hole-y socks, and let each kid choose one. Then I stayed up late-ish sewing oval shaped cutouts from margarine tub lids into the socks, to form the mouths.

Today (Saturday), I picked up some colored poofy balls from the local arts and crafts store for noses (if they want to have noses); a pack of googly eyes; and a sheet of black felt, and white felt (as an eyeball alternative). We have a few different colors of yarn, for hair (optional). I'm assembling this all in a box, which I've labeled as my "Puppet Kit".

We were busy today, so maybe tomorrow I'll help them assemble their custom sock puppets.

Regarding my larger puppet, I had the insight a few days ago that if I make the arms the same length as my 3 y.o. boys' arms, then I can dress it in their old clothes! Also, that I'd like to make it with light purple "skin", and dark purple hair. Orange nose, orange felt eyebrows. No ears. Hands will be mitten-shaped, but with clothespins or some-such embedded as thumbs, so that it can hold stuff.

I want the "guide sticks" (don't know the technical name) on the arms to be easily removeable.

Also, that his name will be "Ha". Vocal inflection going down, or kinda flat -- so "Ha.", not "Ha!". Don't know why that name: it just came to me.

Also, his head will be kind of marshmallow-shaped: cylindrical, but with rounded edges.




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