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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Final two ties

Oh, BTW -- Wednesday and Thursday of this last week were my final two neckties out of my collection. (For those new to this blog: I have about 85 neckties, and I've been systematically wearing one per day (except Fridays) until I've worn each tie once.)

So: Monday -- any tie I want! Woo-hoo!!!

Here's my second-to-last tie: electric guitars and electric basses. Received it as a gift (either from my wife, or my kids) a few years back, and never worn it (still in the plastic).

Here's my final tie: a red (or burgandy?) bow tie -- an actual tie-it-yerself bow tie. Unfortunately, although I understand theoretically how to tie a bow tie (it's basically like tying your shoes), I didn't think to practice ahead of time. So after a few tries in the men's room in front of the mirror, I gave up. But, here it is.

So: them's the ties. :)


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