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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Went to prison yesterday

On Friday a few of us from work took a tour of two local prisons: a men's prison, and a women's prison.

Pretty interesting. I learned that I'd be **so** bored in prison (not that I was planning to attend). I have the background that I'd have the capacity to help teach the various educational courses. But, I wouldn't be allowed to, for two very good reasons.

One is that they try to keep a very clear distinction between staff and prisoners: so, at most I'd be allowed to be some sort of low-level teaching assistant, not an actual instructor.

And second, putting a prisoner in a position of authority means that that prisoner (me) would have additional access to restricted things. And other prisoners would try to exploit that access. So, it's safer for everyone concerned to just not grant that access.

So, I could learn how to weld. Maybe take up painting, in the art room. There's some sort of music program -- although I didn't get the details (although I think it's just acoustic instruments, rather than electric guitars).

Again, not that I'm planning on attending...


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