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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day off

Over the last few weeks I've racked up some extra hours at work, in order to meet a deadline. So yesterday (Weds), I finally got to take a flex day.

It was a good day. Hung out with my two sons. I did stuff in the backyard, and in my workshop, while they played in the backyard, in the dirt.

I cut pieces of wood into smaller pieces, made the wood smoother, then drilled holes in the wood and connected them with screws. Then I rubbed finishing oil on the wood and left it to dry for a few days.

The wood, described above, is for two small projects. One is a simple handsaw holder. The other is a piece of wood for mounting a motion-sensor shed light: I want to mount it on the wall, but don't want to drill into the metal frame of the shed. So I made a wooden bracket to clamp onto the metal frame, and will bolt the shed light to the bracket.

A pleasant, relaxing, and productive day. :)


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