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Friday, June 24, 2011

Review of recent Karate Kid movie

So, last night I managed to see the 2010 remake the The Karate Kid.

A bit of a misnomer, as there's only kung fu, not karate. But understandable, as with a more correct name they couldn't tap into the franchise.

The movie recycles -- presumably intentionally -- about 90% of the plot, and many key lines of dialog, from the original Karate Kid movie. Even (paraphrased) "Sweep the leg, Johnny" -- but in Chinese.

Uses "hang the jacket on the spike" (over and over and over) instead of "wax on, wax off". Not as plausible (IMO) a training technique as the original -- but good job trying something different.

Unlike the original, which has realistic martial arts moves, this version -- esp. in the tournament -- clearly used "wire work" for gravity-defying feats of acrobatics. Annoyed me. Also: no Wing Chun stylists, which was odd.

Jackie Chan played the "Mr. Miyagi"-ish role well. And the kid was reasonably believeable, too (and **insane** flexibility!).

The pacing was a little slow.

Effective musical score: I teared up at all the right places, despite my cynicism.

I have no intention of buying this DVD, or even renting it again. I'd say to rent it if you're **totally** out of rental options, or if you **really** like martial arts things, or if you are interested in comparing it to the original (and, superior) Karate Kid movie.

Not horrible -- just... fine.


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