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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maybe a little TOO cheap

Sorry: this one's for the guitarists out there. I'm kinda tired, and thus not going to interpret the technical stuff.

About a half year ago, I bought a quasi-Strat (used, pawn shop, probably around a hundred bucks). Finally got around to changing the strings and setting it up a bit. Was adjusting the intonation last night, and bottomed out on the adjustable bridge: i.e., couldn't bring the saddles any closer to the tail end of the guitar. Turns out that the bridge was installed about 1/4" of an inch too close to the neck: that is, the 12th fret is only vaguely near the halfway point.

Woulda thought that correct bridge placement would be a basic requirement of guitar building -- even for el-cheapo guitars.

I'll eventually move the bridge -- but it'll involve filling in the current hold with a correct-sized block of wood, and moving the whole thing back a bit (or, buying a "fixed" bridge -- I've already jammed a block of wood next to the current "whammy" undercarriage, thus neutralizing it).

Not difficult -- but it puts it onto the "projects" list, rather than the quick and easy "intonate guitar" entry on my mental "To Do" list.

Ah well: at least the electronics work.


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