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Monday, June 20, 2011

Interesting websites on electric guitar pickups

Interesting (to me) websites on guitar pickups.

The first one -- -- methodically compares a wide range of guitar pickups, and provides a frequency response curve. Also has a nice little Java-based simulation of what happens when you tweak the capacitance and the potentiometer resistance. Neat-o!

The second site -- -- talks more about the theory, and at the bottom of the page gives the four general tonal qualities of pickups with the strong/weak magnet, many/few wrappings of the wire. Makes me want to start experimenting with winding my own pickups...

The third site -- -- clarifies what "handwound" pickups are, and other good information. In some of the sections I wonder if the writer accidentally says the opposite of what she or he means sometimes (e.g. "is not" rather than "is", "stronger" rather than "weaker"). But I could be wrong.

Regardless: good stuff!


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