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Monday, May 16, 2011

Excellent day

Today was a pretty swell day.

Friday night, and most of Saturday, my wife and I were grading papers for one of the classes she teaches. Or else I was wrangling the kids, while she was grading, or tallying up scores, or filling in the grade sheets.

So Sunday, we had the first family outing in yonks. (Our Saturday errands don't count.) Went to some semi-local "point" (or peninsula, or what-not), walked on the rocky beach, had a picnic lunch on the grass, and supervised the kids playing on the playground. Good stuff.

Perfect weather: cool but not cold. It's technically winter, but from a North American standpoint it's "early autumn" weather.

Then we came home, and I did some minor stuff like put the room fans in the storage shed, mow the doggie yard, and things of that nature.

A pleasant, laid-back, vaguely productive day. Good stuff.




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