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Monday, April 18, 2011

Movie review of "Next"

Watched it tonight, on DVD. A good movie. Not "OMG, I **must** get this on DVD!!!" -- but certainly an enjoyable movie, glad I saw it.

Nicholas Cage plays a guy that can see two minutes into his own future. They played the the various applications of that: pretty clever.

Well-made, and it seemed internally consistent.

I don't remember if there was cussing or not. No nudity, for those for whom that's an issue. A little implausible that the lady would fall for the guy **quite** so quickly -- but, hey.

A fair amount of shooting violence (little or no blood, though), and one part near the beginning where someone shot a guy's knees out. Other than that, though, the standard action-movie level of violence.

Worth renting.




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