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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I dig

We don't have an actual driveway -- just the area of lawn between our front gate and our carport.

Over the years, a fairly large depression has formed in front of the carport. When it rains, water collects there, and stays for a few days. If it rains at least twice a week, then it never completely dries out.

Every time we drive through the mud, some of it sticks to the tires -- then gets thrown off when we drive down the street. This process of transferring the mud (i.e. "wet dirt") from our yard to the street further deepens the hole -- which allows it to collect even >>more<< water -- which creates >>more<< mud to stick to tires. Etcetera.

The big problem is that we can no longer park the other car (the non-Four-Wheel-Drive) under the carport, because it's in danger of getting stuck in the mud. So, **something** must be done.

Originally we were saving up to buy a few thousand dollars of gravel and such to make an actual driveway. The idea is that it's best to do it all at once, as if you do it in little bits, it's not cost-effective: it costs thirty or forty bucks to rent a trailer, which would add 50% to your cost ($30 for the trailer; $50 for the dirt or gravel).

BUT -- Friday night, while perusing the price list from the local landscaping supplies place, I noticed that they offer a "courtesy trailer" (that is: free!!!). Ah!

So, Saturday (today), I went down, picked up 2/3 of a cubic metre of gravel, and shoveled and hoed it into the hole. Helped a bit. Made another trip: better. And fifty or sixty bucks per trip is certainly affordable. ("Doing the whole driveway" can wait for another time.)

Looks like this might be a once-a-weekend practice for the next month or so. Kinda fun. And certainly, it feels good to be **doing** something about the situation.


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