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Friday, April 15, 2011

A good Friday

The Lady was in the paper today (a short paragraph, describing a research paper that her and her writing paper recently published); she also had a five-minute interview on a local-access t.v. station, on the same topic. Pretty neat-o!

Since today (Friday) was a pupil-free day at my daughter's school, she went in with The Lady for most of the day. But she couldn't come with to the t.v. station. So, The Lady dropped The Girl off at my office, I took a late lunch -- and (bwah ha ha!!!) never came back! (I've been putting in a lot of hours recently, so even though I'd taken the day off a few weeks ago, I still had five hours "saved up" as flextime.)

Showed The Girl a few of the nifty downtown places that I like, including a semi-secret cafe that's at the end of a small alley. Showed her my office, and introduced her to my co-workers. Showed her the used CD shop where I bought my Devo shirt. And took her to this teeny little "world music" store a few blocks away, with all sorts of reasonably-priced percussion instruments.

While we were there, I noticed that there were four "Half Off" plastic tubs in the middle of the floor. Had a rummage; bought some well-priced treasures. :)

A swell day.


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