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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Once in a while, pairs of city transit employees come onto the bus with their little scanner machines, to check out people's swipey cards. Kinda like train conductors coming down the aisle to check people's tickets.

A few weeks ago, a woman who was probably 18 or 19 was sitting across the aisle from me. They took her card, then asked her age. Turns out that she was using the "high school student" card (with cheaper fares), rather than the "adult" card (which is blue, not orange).

She was no longer a high school student. So, they wrote her a ticket for a hundred bucks or so.


Then, last week, this woman was sitting about two rows ahead of me. When the card-checking folks came down the aisle, she handed them the blue card. The guy swiped it, and pointed out that this card had never been used. (I'll betcha she was still using her "student" card, but had bought the blue card for the next inspection.)

The lady said that it was new.

So how did you get on the bus?, the inspector asked. Doh.

So -- he wrote her a ticket -- for fare evasion.

Busted again.

Justice, on the bus. "Bustice"?


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