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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family ties

Took my folks back to the airport today -- very, very early in the morning.

Among other things, they brought me some ties that had belonged to each of my grandfathers.

I used to collect ties, and had 50 or 60. So now I probably have 70 or 80.

In the photo to the upper left are two ties from my maternal grandfather's estate.

Below are some ties from my dad's stash, as well as from my paternal grandfather's estate. My mom made the purple, tie-dyed one a few years ago for some costume for my dad. I wore it to work last week, and got a lot of compliments on it.

As you can probably see, the ties span a fairly broad range of eras and styles.

I think there's 15 neckties in there, plus a bow tie. It's a little deceptive, as the photo below actually belongs to the left of the photo above. So three(?) of the ties appear in both shots.

I'm still wearing a different tie each day to work. Except now I've stopped wearing a tie on "casual Friday" -- which will further prolong my "methodically go through my tie collection by wearing each one once" endeavor.


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