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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A bargain

Found this at a local pawn shop a few days ago. It's a marking gauge.

You can Google it if you want, but basically you use it to transfer measurements from one thing to another when you're doing woodworking.

There's a metal pin poking out of the bottom of the wooden arm. You set the distance between the pin and the big wooden plate to the thickness of a relevant piece of wood, then use it to scratch a horizontal line in from the edge of the board you'll be poking the other board through.

Actually, I guess now you don't have to Google it... :)

It's different from the other ones I have, as all my other marking gauges have square or rectangular arms, not round. Also, it's the first one held in place with a wedge: my other gauges have little locking screws.

Picked it up for twenty cents, Australian. That's about 15c U.S.



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