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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guitar and band memories

A photo of my first band -- with my roommate (to the right; drummer), and my cousin (seated; guitar and vocs).

In the photo, I'm holding the guitar (an Ibanez Roadstar II, in midnight blue) that I played during that period. Named ''Gypsy'', it's my first guitar.

Below is my first bass (I mostly played bass in the band, with some vocs), an Austin guitar. I always liked the ''ashtray'' pickup guards -- don't see too many electric basses with those. The bass was named ''Bigfish'' -- a pathetic pun, but I got used to it (bass [musical instrument] --> bass [the fish] --> a big fish).

Sadly, I lost both those instruments -- plus a few others -- in a burglary a year after I moved to Australia -- which still bums me out.



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