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Friday, November 06, 2009

A good birthday gift

The Lady got me a Green Machine for my birthday! (I've wanted one since I was ten...)

I also let The Girl have a try -- although she's a little short for this model (her feet only **barely** reach the pedals, which doesn't give her much leverage). This is the ''up to 180 lbs.'' model; she'd do better with the one for younger kids.




At November 08, 2009 6:14 AM, Anonymous KansasLutheran said...

You look so happy--if only it were that easy for everyone! Happy B-Day!

At November 08, 2009 10:10 PM, Blogger Gye Greene said...

Thanks! Yeah -- I'm usually happy: I attribute it to a naturally good balance of brain chemicals, combined with a pretty good life (roof over my head; food on the table; wife and kids; reasonably enjoyable job...).

**Finally** scoring something that I've wanted since I was 10yo is just a bonus. :)


At November 14, 2009 12:36 PM, Anonymous Giovanni said...

Cool! I will forward to trying it out when I visit in about 4 years! It looks like a machine for speed....better keep that new garage clear of possessions....or at least have all the junk --oops--possessions-- in the center, so people can ride doughnuts around it.

At November 15, 2009 12:41 AM, Blogger Gye Greene said...

Sadly, it has a **huge** turning radius -- and a really wide rear axle. And the rear wheels are very smooth -- designed to skid out when you turn sharply. So it's not very useful in that garage.

OK out on the lawn, though (the ground is pretty hard and clay-y). And will take it to a park or some-such, eventually.



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