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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The magic of seeds

Maybe two months ago, I saved all my orange seeds over the course of a few days, soaked them in hot water like you're supposed to, and planted them in a half-milkjug (cut the long way) with holes I poked in the bottom.

I put it outside... watered it once or twice... and then totally forgot about it for about a week. When I finally remembered it, I rushed out to look at it, and the dirt was completely dried out. Shoot.

But, rather than dump it out, I kept it. But I paid more attention to the watering schedule, and I moved it behind some other potted plants so that it only received direct sunlight in the morning -- to keep the dirt from drying out too fast.

Then we had about a week and a half of rain every 2-3 days, so I didn't bother hand-watering the outdoor plants.

Went to check on it -- and we gots sprouts!!!

This-all is reminiscent of my post back in March, about my grown-from-scratch mango plants. :) They're both still alive, although one is clearly happier than the other: the other one has clearly been feeding some bugs with its leaves.

Also, an update on the two orange trees that I'm growing from seed, from about a year ago. They're both still chugging along -- slowly, yeah... but chugging none-the-less. My hand is in the photo as a size reference.



At October 19, 2007 1:20 PM, Anonymous bierhoernchen said...

Congratulations on the green thumb! We on the other hand are probably going to give up the P-Patch (a community garden-plot) we have been renting from the city the last two years. We're supposed to do a certain amount of volunteer hours there, but the main people who have time for that are retirees or people without kids. Between working 12 hour days and our two kids, we've found that we've been doing more drive-by gardening than meditative hoe-leaning. We'll miss our veggies and tomatoes.


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