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Friday, September 07, 2007

A very specialized cover band

So, I was reading through my weekly free local music mag.

In the album reviews section: an album by Beatallica, called Sgt. Hetfileds Motorbreath Pub Band (label = Shogun)

Basically, a Metallica-sounding band that does Beatles covers (as the review points out, ''Beatallica are essentially a very specific parody band).

Examples of song titles:

-Helvester of Skelter
-Blackend the U.S.S.R.
-Justice for All My Loving

According to the album review (somewhere between a direct quote and a paraphrase): After years of issuing material for years, they've managed to navigate the legal minefield of two of the world's most famously litigious bands (supposedly with the help of Lars Ulrich himself!).

According to the review, if you're a fan of either band, you'll like it.

Worth a try? :)



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