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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Unexpected car buddy

I’ve heard that it’s bad for computers to run when the surrounding temperature is above 30C (about 86F), IIRC - - plus, it’s just not pleasant for the human - - so I’ve been going off to the local - - air-conditioned! - - library for the last few days to work on my Dissertation.

This morning when I got into my car, I saw that a spider had spun its web between the front of the passenger seat and the bottom of the dashboard. Hm! I don’t **remember** letting a spider in...

An interesting web: instead of being like a flat disk, it was more of a gossamer matrix, constructed from a series of interlocking triangles.

I left the web there, since after all, a spider’s gotta eat! Hopefully, it’ll eat whatever other bug-lets are running around the inside of my car (which shouldn’t be too many, since I keep the windows closed).

Whenever our whole family goes out, we tend to take The Lady’s car - - so when I drive my car, it’s either ‘’just me’’, or else me plus The Kid in the toddler seat in back. so, I’ll leave the spider there until I have an actual passenger.

Hey! I guess I already **do** have a passenger! ;)



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