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Monday, June 27, 2005

Tools for cheap!

I've been looking around for black nylon pouches for my misc. belt gear. I'm always on the lookout, of course -- but the pouch for my little LED "squeeze light" has almost worn through, and the belt loop has torn off. When you buy pocket-tools, flashlights, etc., they sometimes come with belt pouches -- but when they wear out, it's hard to find replacements.

Saturday, on the advice of a sales guy at Carindale Mall's Big W, tried the "Knife Store" near the food court. They have a **very** nice range -- although they're AU$15-$18 each, so I'm still search for something cheaper -- like maybe half that.

After church on Sunday, stopped off at the Cannon Hill "Warehouse" (name of cheapy store). Didn't find any suitable pouches in their cell phone, camping, or tools section. **DID**, however, find that all their hand tools were half-price!!! So, picked up an eight-pound hammer (like a small sledge hammer) for half of twelve bucks; four spring clamps for half of four bucks per; a big carpenter's framing square for half of eleven bucks(?); etc. A nice little haul. Mostly plastic-y and/or cheap stuff -- but clamps are clamps -- so long as they're sturdy, there really aren't any tolerances or fine craftsmanship involved.



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