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Sunday, June 05, 2005

iMacs and borrowing kitchens

I'm a Windows user who's intending to (largely) switch over to some flavor of Linux -- WIFMD(tm).

Which is mildly amusing, since I started out on roomates' Apple IIc and Apple IIe, and a Mac Classic (with an 80 MEGA-byte hard drive -- whooeee!!!).

So, I'm here at my parents' place, trying to type up some notes for my dissertation presentation, check e-mail, and what-have-you. And I'm having the **darndest** time using this here iMac!

It's like cooking in someone else's kitchen: basically all the same contents (dropdown menus, "start/apple" button, icons for everything...) -- but kept in strange places, relative to how you would do it:

"Hey, where do you keep your spatulas?"

"Second drawer, by the stove."

"Thanks! Um -- olive oil?"

"Next to the 'fridge."

"O.k.! Um. Um. Um. Fire extinguisher?"

That kind of thing.

Not better, or worse -- just different. But different enough that it hampers your efficiency. Esp. when the owner of the "kitchen" isn't home, so you can't just ask. ;)



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