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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Driving on the "right" side again

Yesterday I drove on the right-hand side for the first time in a full year (not counting teh day before, where I went about two miles), and a stickshift in more than two years. As I mentioned, we're staying at my brother's place in Seattle, and he's letting us borrow their car for errands. I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly both driving on the right-hand side, and using a stickshift, came back to me: only took me three or four days before cars driving on the right seemed "normal" again.

But, as The Lady pointed out, I spent thirty-plus years living in a right-hand-driving country; two years in Aussie-land wouldn't be enough to completely wipe that out.

That said, this is my second visit back since moving to Australia. Each time it takes an extra day or two for me to acclimatize. We'll see how many years before I'm too confused to attempt driving while here.



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