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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Workin' from home

A few months ago I coined a very "Dilbert" phrase (or actually, very "Wally" for those of you familiar with the strip): "Shirking from home." Except today was anything but!

(If we had some pickles, I could be "shirkin' with a gherkin!" But we don't. I like pickles.)

My dissertation has a number of holes in it: I make assertions, but need to have some support for 'em -- i.e. someone else has done research on it and it seems to be true. So, I can't just say things like "educational levels and income are positively related" (i.e. the more education, then [on average!] the more income), or "People in the U.S. don't really think of people of Indian/Pakistani heritage as 'Asians', but in G. Britain they do." Gotta go find some support.

So, I have a whole pile o' photocopied articles, and a small pile of books I need to glance, skim, and/or read -- depending on the relevance. Ayep!

Not so bad, really: the kitchen is close by, the music is playing -- and both Ralphie and Tall Guy seem pleased that I'm home today. Sure! :)



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