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Friday, May 20, 2005

Weird Brisbane weather

It was probably a good thing (maybe even a God thing?) that I stayed at home yesterday. Weird weather -- esp. for this time of year! Hailed in the area around the university. BAD bad traffic, as people tried to drive to unde cover, to prevent their cars getting dented.

The hail resulted in lotsa slush -- the nightly news showed people slogging through it, piled up just below their knees -- and people making "slush angels" out on their front lawns.

The Lady's dad said that people at work had a hard time getting out of the car park ("parking lot" to the Yanks), as there's a 30-degree upward slope -- too slippery! And both at his university, and at the ABC (Australian Broadcasting -- the Aussie version of the BBC), there was flooding inside the building. We get huge rain showers here (semi-tropical y'know), so the roof drainage is usually sufficient -- but the hail plugged it all up. So, water cascading down through the ceiling.

In fact, the ABC wasn't able to broadcast the news, had to hand it off to the Sydney branch! The news showed shots of people desperately trying to rescue video gear and editing eqpt from trickles of water, while letting PCs sit under trickles of water. ($1,500 PC vs $15,000 mixing board -- hm...) ;) Pretty wild.



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