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Friday, May 13, 2005

WARNING: Juvenile wit

O.k., I don't think I'm all hee-larious -- but I still think these are fun phrases. But I only use 'em around the house.

Three euphamisms for "baby processes":

(1) "making a deposit in the Bank of Nappie" ("nappie" is Aussie for "diaper"; Yanks could say "in the Diaper Bank")

(2) "lucky pants" (as a toddler, First Nephew used to say "mucky pants," which I mistook for "lucky pants") (example: "Uh-oh -- baby's got 'lucky pants'."

(3) "taking care of my issue's issue" (i.e. "changing my offspring's nappie")

If you have kidlets of your own, feel free to use these. ;)



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